Tuesday, July 31, 2012

postheadericon Travel Tuesday - Philadelphia's Reading Market

Two weekends ago, I traveled to Philadelphia and met up with my friend Laura for a girl's weekend.  Laura is awesome...in some ways, my complete opposite!  She is outgoing and a mom and super-smart and funny.  I just love her!

We chose Philadelphia in order to see our friend, Don.  The three of us became friends while Laura and I were grad students back in Ohio.  Don was an undergraduate (obviously a very cool one in order to be friends with two cool graduate students).  

Don, Laura and yours truly

Don was a wonderful host.  We ate so well while we were in Philly, which was great, because it rained almost our entire trip.  

On Saturday, Laura and I started our day by walking from our hotel to the Reading Terminal Market.  The market, which was one a train terminal, is now a super-cool market featuring local food vendors and 
restaurant stalls.  

Some of the many sights at the Reading Market

There was a little something for everyone; from vegetarian, to French, to Thai to even Peking duck!  It was a delight.  I especially recommend some of the sweets available at the many Amish stalls; please note that although the market is open seven days a week, the Amish stalls are not open on Sunday.  

Of course, we ate at so many other great places as well!  A summary:

The Dandelion: This is an upscale pub where Laura and I enjoyed dinner.  It was AWESOME!  We had great beers, a homemade cheese appetizer and our entrees were out of this world.  A must visit.  

Alma De Cuba: Did I mention Don was a great host?  He treated us to dinner at this fantastic Cuban restaurant.  Every one's meal looked great...and the atmosphere was very city chic.  

Capogiro Gelato: I have to give this gelato shop a shout out.  We found this on Sunday morning and it was such a delightful treat.  

Shane Candies: Laura and I took a long walk on Saturday in the rain.  We stopped in here and I am glad we did.  Lots of homemade chocolates as well as artisinal chocolate from the area and across the country.  And the staff were so kind to two waterlogged ladies on a Saturday afternoon.  

Don warned us, but it is true...Philadelphia is really a food lovers delight.   Have any of you been to Philadelphia lately?  If so, what food attractions would you add? 

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