Monday, July 2, 2012

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A few months ago, Bill and I went on a weekend getaway to Madison, Wisconsin.  Madison is a favorite of ours; Bill went to school there and it reminds me of where I went to school in Ohio, so we always have a great time.

One store on State Street caught my eye this trip - Anthology.  It is this super-cute store with lots of creative, hand-made crafts and sophisticated crafting kits for sale.  Sophisticated crafting - yes sir, I'm your kind of gal!

I spent quite a bit of time in their great store and came out with some handmade cards and this...a kit with all of the materials for a pretty paper garland.

The kit made putting it together so easy!  All I had to do was punch holes in the triangles and then string them on the ribbon provided.

Ribbon?  Guinness heard this and got into the act.  It is nice to have such a supportive "helper."

The papers the folks at Anthology chose for this project were so happy and fun...perfect for adding an extra-special 4th of July touch to our breezeway.

And here we go...the final product.  How easy was this???  It was a little fun thing to do inside on a hot summer day in Wisconsin.  Thanks Anthology and please make sure you stop by their terrific store the next time you are in Madison for a Badger game or other special occasion.

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