Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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PhotobucketFor the last two evenings, I have worked super-late.  Until 8PM both nights! And then tonight I decided to tack on a game of tennis, because I am just like that!  So I have to be honest, I have eaten out more than normal this week.  So I thought I would dedicate this post to some of my favorite semi-healthy eating choices.  

Pizza: A slice (or two, depending on size) of pizza is a great choice when you are in a pinch.  You just need to make the right pizza choices.  First, choose a thin crust.  My local pizza joint has three crust options, so I always choose the thinnest.  Second, do not choose a meat topping.  Let's face it, the meat on pizza (sausage, pepperoni) isn't the best protein choice.  Just say no in this case.  Lastly, choose veggies!  Lots and lots of veggies.  My favorite pizza is onion and mushroom, but that is just me. 

Panera is an excellent choice for a last-minute meal.  Choose sandwiches with no cheese or a reasonable amounts of cheese.  Or choose a soup option.  Even the creamy soups aren't bad choices as long as you keep the portion size reasonable (and Panera makes that pretty easy for you).  The sides aren't too bad either; I believe the bag of chips is only around 150 calories.  The apple is always a good choice too!

Sushi:  The Whole Foods near me has a nice selection of to-go sushi options.  It is fresh and tasty.  My two cautions about sushi when you are in a rush: One, it is expensive.  Even just one role is usually 8 bucks.  Second, it sometimes isn't enough food.  PLEASE eat enough to get the nutrition you need on a daily basis. I usually combine my sushi with some frozen veggies or a cup of Greek yogurt.  Still quick, but is nutritious.   

Cereal:  No, this isn't a take-out option, per se.  But I do tend to eat it when I have had a long evening (like tonight).  I find cereal can be a great choice; it is quick and inexpensive.  If you eat it with milk, you also get a serving of dairy.  Again, just make sure you are eating it enough and make sure it is a low-sugar cereal.  

Something to think about:  What is your favorite work-late food option?  How do you keep it healthy?  

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