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Like many food bloggers, I really enjoy combining travel with the opportunity to discover new foods or restaurants.  Travel can be challenging…how do you find the best restaurants and local foods?  More importantly, how do you do so while sticking to a budget?  Here are some of my tips to keep you eating well while traveling near and far.

1.       Find a farmer’s market.  Your local farmer’s market is your go to place for fresh produce, but don’t overlook visiting a farmer’s market when traveling.  Most markets have vendors featuring local favorites, as well as locally canned and baked items.  To find a farmer’s market in your travel destination, visit

2.       Try a food tour.  Are they kitschy?  At times, yes.  But a food tour can also be a great way to visit several local eateries or food locations in one well-organized trip.  A quick internet search can help you find one in the area you will be visiting.  What if the tour is too pricy for your budget?  Use the website to help create your own tour or contact the owner and ask for their suggestions.  Most are more than willing to do so. 

3.       Eat lunch.  Do you love good food, but your wallet is less than impressed?  Many upscale restaurants offer lunch, which provides you the opportunity to eat in the restaurant of your dreams without busting your budget.  Some very popular places will require reservations, so check before heading out. 

4.       Use Pinterest.  If you are like me, you spend WAY too much time on Pinterest.  Why not use it to help find popular restaurants or other food venues in your destination city?  Many travel and food bloggers are using Pinterest to promote their latest finds.  While you are at it, why not create a board for your destination to better organize the restaurants or bakeries you want to visit?  The possibilities are endless.

5.       Be ready to translate.  If you are traveling abroad, I have two additional suggestions.  Bring a short list of food terms in translation if you are not fluent in the language of the country you are visiting.  I actually found a nice list in a travel guide and had it laminated at a local copy store.   Second, consider staying in an apartment instead of a hotel.  Apartment rentals are plentiful (especially in Europe), can be cheaper than a traditional hotel and provide you the opportunity to cook your local finds. 

I hope you will find these ideas helpful as you plan your next trip.  Feel free to follow me on Pinterest to see where I am traveling next.  Do you have your own tips?  Let us know!

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